The Chicken Wins

Sometime late last year, I became aware that I was eating a lot of meat – chicken, turkey and beef, cuz I don’t eat pork. I realized that I was getting anxious if a meal didn’t have meat in it, feeling like I would still be hungry. Hogwash, I know that.

I decided I would go meatless for January, pescatarian really because I don’t eat enough fish – don’t really know how to cook it well (I hate when it’s overdone and tastes “fishy”). I thought this would be a good time to practice cooking fish, and also go back to some of my favorite vegetarian dishes, hoping to incorporate them back into the daily rotation.

There were difficulties, but I know I saved money – not just because I wasn’t buying meat, but I was planning meals out and made distinct shopping lists rather than going through the store throwing things in my basket thinking I would get to them (lots of veggies have gone bad this way). By the end of the second week hit, the anxious feeling was gone and I was no longer craving beef – I could actually turn my beef thoughts off. But another thing happened, I missed chicken EVERY DAY. I’ve always known that my body craves protein. After a big workout or when I’m just starving, the first thing I want to reach for is chicken. When I shared my feelings with friends, they couldn’t understand why I was cutting out chicken – it’s a lean, healthy option – and I should just go back to it if I wanted it. I was determined to reach the end of January.

Well, this past weekend I gave in. I realized I had gotten over my anxiousness; I could now easily pick something else over beef; I found one way to cook salmon that I really liked; and, I made an awesome vegetable-tofu curry (watch for recipe in upcoming post) that is definitely going into the rotation. But, through all this, I couldn’t wait for the month to be over so I could eat chicken. So, the chicken won. It’s back in – as will be the turkey bacon as soon as I can get to the grocery! I now have some alternatives and no longer fear I will be hungry after a vegetarian meal. I guess the only thing left to do is actually go to a strictly vegetarian restaurant (Carmelitas, here I come!) with a smile on my face and walk out with a satisfied belly!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    a very easy and tasty recipe is to thin slice a lemon and lay on top of salmon filet, wrap in tin foil and bake for 20 min at 400F. perfect for lazy people like me. sam

  2. Kare says:

    looking *so* forward to the veggie tofu curry recipe!

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