Where Does That Party Food Rate?

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The holidays are here and party season is in full swing. This means lots of food tables, and lots of temptation. It’s so easy to overeat, even when just taking a bite of each dish to taste it. Next thing you know, everyone’s making a New Year’s Resolution to lose the 10 pounds of holiday weight they gained.

Among the mucho advice and tips for getting through the holidays, I heard a new one (for me) that I thought unique and useful enough to share with you.

Rate your food

How often do you put something on your plate because you are curious what it is, or you think it might be good, only to find yourself disappointed and wishing you’d saved room for something else that you really enjoyed? Unfortunately, you can’t tell your stomach to make more room, or those calories to jump back out.

Take a quick walk around the food table and assign each dish a number 1 through 10. Then make a deal with yourself before the party to eat only dishes that rate a 7 or higher – or, maybe your will power is strong enough to select only 8s or higher. If such a large scale finds you spending more time eyeing the table and rating, instead of eyeing the party-goers and rating (!), then try a 1 to 5 scale and limit yourself to eating only 4s and 5s.

Of course, if you have a sweet tooth that rates every dessert a 5, then you are in trouble! Pick two and have small tastes of these.

Don’t forget, cocktails and sodas (unless diet) can add unexpected calories. Rate those too and try to stick to just two servings per night (I was going to say “per party”, but that could get party-hoppers into trouble!)

Hopefully this tip will help you to Eat, Drink and Be Merry while not exploding or making unreasonable deals with yourself come the new year!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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