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Comfort Foods: Low-fat White Chicken Chili

I think I must have been a bear in another life because as soon as the weather starts to get crisp and cool, my body goes into hibernation mode, no longer craving the refreshing, light summer fruits and veggies. No, instead I start wanting “heavier” foods – the kind that stick to your bones, like […]

Starting a Walking Program: Ease on Down That Road

Are you thinking of starting a walking program? Whether you are new to exercise or just coming back from an injury or other event that stopped your physical activity, a slow-and-steady program and safety are two things to consider. EASE On Down That Road. That means, start slowly. If a walking program is new to […]

Recovering from Sports Injuries: How to Cope

Courage. Mental Strength. Patience. Hope. These are all words I hear and read when looking for anything to help me out of this injury darkness. Three weeks of no physical activity and the physical aches that come with being sedentary and immobile are taking their toll. I went from averaging 90 minutes of moderate-intense physical […]

Why This Blog: My Story

In Feb of 1971… okay, we don’t have to go back that far, but I thought I’d give you a glimpse of who I am and why I’ve started this little blog. I have worked in public health for nearly fifteen years on a variety of issues: child health and safety, HIV prevention, and – […]

Vitamin D: As “low-sun” months approach, the need is greater

I learned an interesting thing this week, courtesy of Dr. Oz: overweight people and darker-skinned people are at greater risk of Vitamin D deficiency. I’ll get to the complexion piece in a second. Vitamin D is fat soluble, so fat cells absorb the Vitamin D immediately, blocking the rest of your system from getting any […]

Sports Injuries & Patience

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” -Leo Tolstoy I love this quote because there is so much power in thinking about patience as strength, as a warrior. As athletes or any physically active person who has suffered an injury knows, patience in the healing process can be so difficult, especially when sidelined […]

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