Sports Injuries & Patience

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

-Leo Tolstoy

I love this quote because there is so much power in thinking about patience as strength, as a warrior. As athletes or any physically active person who has suffered an injury knows, patience in the healing process can be so difficult, especially when sidelined from activity.

I’ve suffered through a few sports-related injuries in the past ten years, and less than two weeks ago I sprained my knee kickboxing during a personal training session. What a downer. I was having such a great time kicking that bag, feeling strong – I love the power in my lower body; I love that I can kick with force, that I can cycle my way through a high-intensity Spin class, I love my hips can shimmy, swivel and pop when I dance and I love to sweat through it all. So, when I kicked that bag and crumpled to the ground on my return, I thought “Crap, not now.” Well, that was probably after “Crap, that hurts!” Then my mind went crazy with all the classes I would have to find subs for and not be able to teach, my own weight loss journey and how much I need those training sessions, and how it’s already an effort to limit my calorie intake but now I would have to cut it down even more since I would be inactive. But I also knew that all I could do was take care of myself and let nature take its course.

I am not one to sit still, so being confined to a couch and crutches and unable to face the three flights of stairs that would get me out of my apartment building was definitely going to be a challenge. RICE is my best friend – not the kind you eat, but Rest Ice Compression and Elevation. And Patience. And Time. Letting these two be the warriors – and not my intense desire for physical activity – means that I will heal faster. Being active too soon could create long-term damage or just lengthen the healing process, both of which will keep me sidelined faster. I can’t stay away from Zumba that long – girl needs to dance!

Here it is Day 10 and I am itching to exercise. If a client came to me with the same situation, I would start by recommending some simple chair exercises, and, if they could easily get up from the floor, some floor exercises. I must take a dose of my own medicine. I can’t easily get up from the floor yet so my next mission is to get in some physical activity… in my chair! Maybe to Axl Rose singing “all we need is just a little patience…”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Get well soon and yes, as hard as it seems, TAKE UR OWN ADVICE! U ARE the professional 😉

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