Imua: Small Steps to Reach Your Goal

I was listening to an interview online today with a woman named Amber Singleton Riviere who hosts several online resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Her talk offered Steps to Accomplish Big Goals. There were a couple of points (some new, some not-so-new) that stood out to me and are worth sharing here. One is the Hawaiian word “imua” meaning “moving forward with strong moment.” The idea behind imua is to set small goals, tight deadlines to achieve those goals (“let deadlines be your friend”) and “be obsessed with action and forward movement.” The idea is to focus more on the process than to focus on the ultimate goal.

This last sentence is the part that I call not-so-new. If you’ve ever trained for an event (half- or full-marathon, a 5K) or started a weight management or exercise plan, you’ve heard people tell you to set small, attainable goals. If we think about the 13/26 miles we have to run or the 40 pounds we have to lose, we can overwhelm our brains, and our bodies actually respond in a physiologically-negative way to that stress (that’s a hormonal discussion we’ll have later!) Setting yourself up to accomplish small goals each day allows for that constant forward movement, or imua, and tight, but reasonable, deadlines can help to eliminate distractions that eat away at your time.

With constant forward motion comes the risk of failure, our second point of discussion. Our society has programmed us to think of failure as a negative term. It is only negative if you allow it to stop you from achieving your goals or from moving forward. Sometimes failure can be an open door to the closing window. Take a moment to ask why your attempt did not work and whether it can be tweaked for success or it needs to be discarded. I’m a problem-solver and I can spend much too much time trying to figure out HOW to make that square peg fit into that round hole. It was refreshing to hear Ms. Riviere say that’s it’s okay not to be obligated to something that isn’t working. Just remember imua and keep moving forward.

So, whether you are creating a training program for fitness events, managing your weight or starting your own business, remember to constantly move forward, allow for and understand failures, and celebrate the small successes. I foresee several post-its around my house reading “imua!”


Advice from a pro: 3 small steps to achieve big goals

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  1. Sima Batlis says:

    Correct! I really couldn’t have said it better. I’ll hold posted for more of one’s posts.

  2. weight says:

    yeah my dad will like this

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