Reema Rafii has a degree in Public Health and nearly fifteen years experience in health education and communication.

Reema has worked on communications teams for several large institutions, including Seattle Children’s Hospital and Public Health – Seattle & King County with expertise in writing, editing and proofreading. She led the content development and production of Seattle Childrens’ Good Growing newsletter, email and online employee newsletters, media releases, health education and event promotion materials. Reema also led the development of King County’s “Be Informed! Be Healthy!” nutrition labeling public education campaign, and its corresponding website. Reema is recognized for her easy writing style, strengths in writing and editing for the web, and her collaborative interpersonal skills.

Reema’s “second life” is as a fitness instructor, leading indoor cycling and Zumba® Fitness classes. Coming from an Arab-Latina household, the international rhythms and music that are Zumba® are a reflection of the music and dance that were the soundtrack of her upbringing.  Known among her friends as the “Dancing Queen,” Reema brings energy, fun and “moves” to her Zumba® classes that are infectious. Reema regularly practices yoga, enjoys pilates and outdoor activities, and is working on a personal training certification. She is also doing her small part to combat childhood obesity by teaching Zumbatomic® to kids and families.

Reema will bring this same passion for and understanding of health and fitness to the work she does with you.

“I want to help you build the communication tools and messaging that will allow you to focus your time on growing and maintaining your clientele. When your clients feel you are invested in them as individuals, they return to you and refer others to your service. If you are successful, I am successful, and together we have taken another small step to improve our community’s health.”

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