Current Song Lists

Scroll down to find your location and the time of your class, and see a list of the songs for that routine. Search for, and download, your favorite songs on iTunes, Amazon, or other mp3 download site and have fun dancing in your living room! It’s the best way to get that Zumba experience outside of class!

West Seattle YMCA

Monday 5:30 pm

  • “Shake Your Body Down (Down To The Ground)” (warm-up) – The Jackson 5
  • “El Cachon” (Merengue Hip Hop) – various
  • “Cumbia Pa’ La Nena” (Cumbia) – Bachaco
  • “Pegate” (Merengue) – Grupo Treo
  • “Salsa Dura” (Salsa) – La Excelencia
  • “Sazon” (Merengue) – various
  • “Hella Decale” (French Reggaeton) – DJ Mam’s Featuring Doukali & Soldat Jahman
  • “Ali Baba” (Axe/Bellydance) – various
  • “On The Floor” (pop/dance) – Jennifer Lopez
  • “Zumba He Zumba Ha” (Fr. Reggaeton) – DJ Mam’s Feat Soldat Jahman & Luis Guisao
  • “La Vida Es Un Carnaval” (Salsa) – various
  • “Cumbia Arabe” (Cumbia) – various
  • “Maria” (Rumba Flamenca) – Ricky Martin

Thursday, 6:00 pm/ Wednesday, 4:00 pm (MMEM)

  • “I Wanna Go” (warm-up) – Britney Spears
  • “Turbina” (Hip Hop) – Various
  • “Evacuate The Dancefloor” Dance/Warm Up – Various
  • “La Patilla” (merengue) – Various
  • “Mueve la cadera” (samba/cumbia) – Various
  • “Fuego a la jicotea” (salsa) – Various
  • “Americano” – Yolanda Be Cool
  • “Vete” (Techno Merengue – Los Primeros
  • “I Like It” (Pop) – Enrique Iglesias
  • “Cuando Tu No Estas” (Reggaeton/Latin Pop)  – Various
  • “Prrrum”  (Reggaeton) – Various
  • “La Luz Del Flow” (Merengue/Hip-Hop) – Various
  • “Dame Un Tiempo Mas”  (Cumbia/Reggaeton) – Various

You may have to listen to a few clips to find the right song when original artist is unknown. If you have questions, or song suggestions, email

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